Aw.  That last post about losing 10 pounds is adorable.

Y'all, I have reached my goal loss of 33 pounds, and it feels amazing.  Sure, I miss my boobs.  I'll miss them forever - it was a helluva rack.  But there's a trade for everything.

So now I begin the process of getting ripped and trotting this new-and-improved bod to auditions. 

Feast your eyes upon these guns and fear me.


Get Me Bodied

Alright, look.  You know I'm all about body love and smashing the patriarchy - particularly when it comes to unattainable beauty standards.

But yo, that doesn't mean I don't like fitting into my pants! 

I have lost ten pounds since arriving in California, and I am really proud of that accomplishment.  My clothes fit again.  I feel more confident.  Here I am in my favorite pants, which I have not been able to squeeze onto my body for over a year.  And I'm no longer lying about the weight on my resumé. 

Check me out, babes!


Chicago Justice on NBC

I have booked a recurring role on the NBC drama, Chicago Justice!  You'll be seeing me donning a labcoat as the series' sassy new Medical Examiner.  My character's name is still undecided, but I'm hoping for Dr. Sexy McJewface.

Looking forward to shooting my first scenes on September 8th and 9th!  Many thank-yous to the team at Grossman & Jack Talent and Marisa Ross. chicago - justice

The Realish Housewives: A Parody


I am thrilled to be cast in The Second City Theatricals' production of The Realish Housewives:, A Parody by Kate James & Tim Sniffen, which will begin its national equity tour in January of 2016.  Hopefully we'll be skewering a city near you!  From San Diego to Schenectady, the housewives will be bringin' the false eyelashes, booze, and drama.

I will miss Chicago while I am gone for five months.  Leave a light on for me, ok?


Crimes of the Heart

Up next, catch Lindsey at with Step Up Productions in

Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley
directed by Brad Akin

May 5-31, 2015
at The Athenaeum Theatre