Well Well… Merry Christmas To ME.

My new commercial dropped on Christmas Day. Ask me if I’m mad about it.

DIRECTOR: Wayne McClammy
MEDUSA: Jesi Lerae

MEDUSA’S FRIENDS: me & Natasha Galano

BARTENDER: Diego Sebastian


It’s here, it’s on BET+, and everyone who has seen it RAVES ABOUT IT. Listen to me – there is absolutely nothing like it on tv right now. And what’s more; it’s based on Ms. Pat’s real life. (I also HIGHLY recommend her book, “RABBIT”.)

So go to BET+ and subscribe. Walk the walk. Buy Black art.

Since this here’s my website, I’m gonna go ahead and post my scenes for work reasons, but if you don’t do yourself a favor and watch all ten episodes yourself…? You’re doing yourself a great disservice. It’s funny AS HELL, raw, honest, touching, and pulls no punches.

100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and renewed for a second season.

I Don’t Always Do Industrials…

…but when I do, they’re goofy af.

Here’s a pharmacist training industrial I did for Shingrix (Shingles vaccine).

Just Dropped!

My Spectracide commercial and my guest star on SELENA: THE SERIES (playing the legendary Diane Warren) dropped. Wanna see?

Comin Up

If ya wanna see me on yer teevee, you can do so pretty soon.

I’ll be guest starring on an episode of SELENA: THE SERIES (Netflix), recurring on the very very funny THE MS PAT SHOW (BET+), and the most glamorous job of all…. a Spectracide commercial starring yours truly and a live cockroach.

A Pandemic Miracle.

I didn’t know how great I had it before March of 2020.

But then March of 2020 happened.

Then April.

And May.


You see where this is going.

Professionals in the arts have been clobbered… myself included. Auditions and jobs have been a scarcity. I will likely lose my health insurance next year, along with thousands upon thousands of other Union actors. It’s devastating, soulsucking, and terrifying, (paired daily with the dull ache for those who are sick and those who have died and those left behind to grieve).

2020 has ravaged us all.

But a little peek of sunlight popped into my corner of the world – last month I booked a guest star job for a Netflix show, and got to travel to Mexico for it. For seven days I was isolated in a stunning oceanfront vacation home, with intermittent Covid testing up to the day of the shoot – hence the weeklong stay due to Covid protocol, regardless of how small my role was! (Um… thank you, horrendous murderous virus?)

So what did I do for six of those days, when not getting a swab shoved up into my brain? I sat on my balcony, read (A Thousand Splendid Suns is an incredible book), woke up at sunrise to watch the surfers catch their waves, walked along the water, ate some delicious things, cried, did crossword puzzles, sat with myself…

It was nice.

2020 has done a number on my soul in so many ways.

And while this job is only a drop in the bucket of what I need in order to qualify for health insurance next year, the trip was good for my soul. And that’s important. I fail to take care of my soul sometimes. Ok, like, a good portion of the times. OK FINE stop looking at me like that, I fail to take care of my soul MOST OF THE TIMES. There. You win.

Here are some pics from the trip. As the kids say on instagram, #takemeback.

I hope you’re all doing okay. Wash your hands, drink water, wear your mask, do some soul things.

A Brookyn Bartender, A Pharmacist, And A Dog

What the everloving eff would these three things have in common?

I’ve played them all in the last 90 days!

Good times good times.

First, I recurred on General Hospital as Maggie McMorris, a tough sweetpea of a bartender. I love her! Here’s my work from the show; enjoy.

And then below is pharmacist me on set for an industrial. During a break, mind you. The character herself…? She would never…

And finally, here’s me on set for a dog treat commercial I did earlier this month. Loved loved loved this look they chose for me. Never fancied myself a high-waisted denim/light wash kinda kween… BUT HERE WE ARE.

Living for the faux gucci belt hunny

Not a bad start to 2020. <3

March 3, 2020


Well How Bout That.

Ya girl had two auditions on Wednesday… and she booked ‘em both.

Thrilled to be guest starring on ABC’s AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, and co-starring on Hulu’s pilot MS PAT. Fall lineup 2019 is a big ol YES.

September 8, 2019



Well if I ain’t the luckiest kween in Los Angeles right now.

Last week I got to go to NOLA to shoot an episode of the second season of THE PURGE. (Do you watch that show? It’s fucking nuuuuts.)

I’ve been to NOLA probably six times in my life, and it is always magic, without fail. But this time, tra la la, I got to fly first class and be carted around in fancy cars with a driver and shit. Look, I’m not above swooning over those types of things; they are such a rare and glorious treat. Extra legroom? Yep, I’ll take it. Free drinks? Yes, I’ll have a bloody, why thank you. Fluffy pillow and nice blanket? Why certainly. A warm vegetarian meal brought to me on a tray with teeny tiny salt and pepper shakers? Uh huh, thanks. A professional driver waiting for me at baggage claim, and doesn’t hit on me or have incredibly private phone convos (ON SPEAKER) while I languish in the back seat? YES. (I’m looking at YOU, Uber.)


And I loved working on THE PURGE. As soon as I walked into hair and makeup, it was clear the entire team was happy to be there, friendly, welcoming, and hella charming. Loved that vibe.

With the exception of the (very fun) costume fitting and the shoot itself, I had loads of downtime to wander the French Quarter, fill my ears with music, and meet so many different characters while I roamed. Stuffed myself with beignets and chicory coffee, prailines, and po boys. Dreamy.

Much gratitude to my team, and to Zane/Pillsbury Casting for having me in to audition. Love love love.

A dude on Bourbon Street sketched me. UNCANNY, NO? Fun facts: I was not wearing this, nor did I have a bottle or glass in my hands, nor do my bosoms begin at my clavicles.

I downed this like it was my job and had to pee so bad but it’s actually challenging to find a place to pee in the French Quarter. Pro tip: public restrooms in the French Market.

My Face All Up In Yer Teevee

Your girl has two national spots running right now. (Thank you KMR Talent Agency!)

In related news, your girl runs out to check the mailbox obsessively these days. #BillzToPay

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