The web

It’s been a remarkable few months.

Since this summer, I have booked three more commercials and one TV show. I feel like I’m getting my footing in this strange new place. And the truth is, sometimes it takes just one person cheering in your corner to pull an artist from despair or panic. And right now, Gayle Pillsbury is that one person. She’s a casting director (and a straight-up brilliant, funny, no-bullshit, amazing lady), and she quickly understood my work and became a cheerleader for my career. Shortly after meeting her, she cast me in Sneaky Pete. A small role, mind you, but a fun one. The writer of the episode expressed his appreciation for my brand of funny, and insisted on reaching out to his (very fancy) casting director friend with a recommendation. That recommendation led to an audition today. Did I knock it outta the park? Nope. It just wasn’t my best moment, which for me, results in a solid 24-hours of beating the shit outta myself. I’ll be fine. It’s just how I do - mourn the losses, celebrate the wins.

But it is now part of the web out here. My goal is to reach a level of success which enables me to pay this generosity forward to another artist in the future. That level is not fame. It’s connectedness and trust within this new community.

Thanks Gayle. You were the first in my corner out here, and I adore you.